End Of Lease Cleaning Guide

Is your lease term ending and are you ready to move out for the next tenant?

Before you move out, you will need to tidy up the place – so that the landlord can actually rent it out again to someone else. This often needs a thorough cleaning of the rooms or the house, and you will need a professional cleaner just like us to help.

End of lease cleaning can be difficult and can cause you a headache. Things can be really messy, and you may wonder just how to make them right. Lets face it, we aren’t all into doiing it ourselves. If you prefer professional cleaners to do it for you  Pro Bond Cleaning Brisbane can help with end of lease cleans.

The DIY End of Lease Cleaning Guide You Need to Read

You can get on with your work daily with these simple DIY tips to help you.

End Of Lease Cleaning

  1. Read Your Tenancy Agreement

Your tenancy agreement would tell you just how you would need to make the rooms or the home look before you move out. You would know just what is expected of you.


  1. Start with the Kitchen

You can remove everything from the cupboards and shelves, and start cleaning them. This would take around an evening. Remove stains by using any damp cloth. Don’t forget to wipe beneath appliances.

If you have a washing machine and a dishwasher to take care of, clean them thoroughly. This could take another evening of yours.

Cleaning the refrigerator could take another day, where you would have to clean everything from fridge trays to racks and even cabinet shelves. It’s important to leave the doors open after cleaning it, so that you prevent any mould from developing inside.

The fourth day, you may want to clean your oven from all the grime and household dust. You wouldn’t want to leave this out – it’s usually the first item that would be checked during inspection.


  1. Get to the Living Room

The living room has a lot of things that need your care – including carpet cleaning. It can be a real tedious job, and if you haven’t ever got your carpet cleaned or it’s in bad shape, leaving it out to a professional cleaner is the best way to go.

You wouldn’t have access to an industrial vacuum cleaner otherwise.

End Of Lease Cleaning

  1. Clean the Bathroom

You need to look at removing any stains, from the bath, toilet to the tiles and mirrors. You will also need to check if the drains are working properly – or call in a drain helper.

Also, check for mould and limescale – which can develop easily on taps and shower heads. To remove limescale, you could use vinegar and fresh lemon.


  1. Get to the Windows and the Walls

You would need to clean your windows both inside and out. This can be a particularly difficult job if you haven’t done it before so that you may want some professional help.

You would also need to remove scuff marks from walls – try washing them off. In the worst case, you would need to paint the entire wall.

Apart from these, do not forget to vacuum your furniture and machine wash the curtains.

I hope this cleaning guide helps you get all of your bond money back. If you have any questions please let me know. Thanks for reading.