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 Signs You Need A Pest Professional

We live in a world of YouTube videos, ‘how to’ articles, and instructional blogs. So, it’s no surprise people are taking on tasks that used to be left for the experts. Pest control is a good example, as there are plenty of ways to catch bugs, rodents, and other nasties.

Unfortunately, DIY pest removal can be awfully hit and miss. Often, it takes multiple attempts to get a result and, by that time, the critters have already proliferated. You think you’ve solved the problem, but another mouse, termite, or cockroach pops up later in the week.

It is why professional pest control is a more economical option. It deals with invasions head on and targets the breeding cycle as well as the adult pests. This prevents the problem from regenerating weeks, months, and even years down the line. To get it right first time, every time, always call in the experts.

Pest Control

This guide to speedy identification and treatment outlines the things to look for when checking your home for pests.

  • 1. Property Damage

While not all pests pose a big risk to your home, most will leave their mark in the form of gnawed furniture, fabrics, and wiring. You’re most likely to see this at a low level, so inspect skirting and floor boards for chewed materials.

  • 2. Droppings and Urine

One of the most obvious signs of pest invasion is waste, particularly in the case of rodents. You’ll notice small, raisin shaped droppings close to food stores.

The darker the color, the fresher the dropping, so back waste indicates an active mouse or rat problem. You should able to distinguish between the two because rat droppings are significantly larger.

  • 3. Nocturnal Noises

It’s common to hear rodents moving about inside the walls of a home. This happens at night, so it’s easily noticed. These unusual sounds are most likely to be mice, but there’s a small chance they could also be caused by termites or carpenter ants.

  • 4. Sticky Doors and Windows

Stiff door frames are often thought to be a sign of subsidence or other structural problems, but they may be a consequence of termite activity. The moisture termites produce when tunneling through wood can cause frames to warp. If you notice this, check around the house to see if there are any more warning signs.

  • 5. Bugs, Mice, and Creepy Crawlies

It sounds silly to point out actual sightings of pests are a clear indicator of invasion. However, you’d be surprised at how many people assume one mouse or cockroach can’t cause much trouble.

Unfortunately, if you see a single pest – be it a termite, bed bug, rat, or flea – there is certainly more in the vicinity. Deal with the issue right away.

pest control

Why Pest Control Is Easier Than You Think

When it comes to pest control, the name of the game is speed. Most of these invaders multiply at an astonishing rate, so a quick response is imperative. This is why professional pest services are such a valuable asset.

The best teams make it out to your home within hours, and they come with state of the art equipment. Depending on the severity of the problem, you may be required to leave the property for a short time. However, once the process is finished, you’ll be entirely pest free and safe to enjoy your home again.