Welcome to my website, Jewel’s Fab Life. I am Jewel Zenon and I love writing, cooking, home improvement and spending time with family and friends. I am born and raised in Sydney, Australia and now live in Washington DC, in the good old United Styates of America. I met my husband on a cruise back in 1998 and we are now married with two beautiful sons, Mac and Jay.

I fell in love with writing when I got my first computer in 2004 (a year after I moved to the States). Nowadays my Macbook goes everywhere with me. Whenever I’m free I’m either writing or thinking of writing.

Over the past few years I’ve also grown to love social media and have started severla well know writing and parenting groups. I love what I do and am lucky to enjoy everything about my life, it really is “The Fab Life”.

I also work alongside several local charities and am always looking for ways to help raise monye whenever I can.

If you are interested in having a chat please contact me here.

Thanks for visiting and look forward to hearing from you all soon.

Much love,