10 Best Pest Control Tips For Home Owners

DIY Pest Control Advice

10 Best Pest Control Tips For Home Owners

Pest can be very frustrating for homeowners. We just had a terrible ant problem that took six weeks to fully remove. They take away your comfort and safety which are the reasons for owning a home in the first place. Pest are occasionally very expensive to control as in some cases, you may need to hire companies to help control them. Pest can also have destructive effects on properties. This therefore certifies the need to control the pest. Pest are better prevented than managed.

In some cases, you may only need to know the pest control tips for you to manage the pest. The common home pest includes ants, bedbugs, mosquitoes, rodents, bugs, fleas etc.

The following are pest control tips shared by John who treat homes throughout Southeast Queensland. John is actually my sisters Brother-in-Law so I guess I could be slightly biased when I say they do a great job. But he has been in the industry for over 20 years and is well known in Australia and has appeared on the local news giving professional advice. So, without further ado I give you the best advice for DIY pest control.

Reduce hiding spots

You may need to seal cracks in your walks and large openings in your foundations. These acts as hiding places for most pest eg cockroaches, bedbugs. Opening around windows and phone lines may also act as entry points for some pest like rats. You may use wire meshes to block some openings while still allowing fresh air in. This therefore necessitates the need for you to block them.

Draining Stagnant

During rainy seasons, water pools may collect around the homestead. These act as breeding grounds for some pest eg mosquitoes. You therefore need to drain the stagnant water around your home to destroy the life cycle of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes transmit malaria that could be very dangerous to your health and costly to treat.

Use of Baits

You can control pest like ants using this method. This has proved effective as it targets the colony of ants. The bait is usually placed in a place of frequent activity by the ant. It has also been shown to kill the egg laying queen. Ants are very destructive if left uncontrolled.

10 Best Pest Control Tips

Clearing bushes around your home

Bushes, garden debris may act as hiding places for some pest eg rats. When such bushes around cleared, the pest are kept away from the use. Garden debris also act as hiding places for pests. Eliminating garden debris would destroy their hide outs.

Use of pesticides

Pesticides have also been used to control pest. You may use pesticides against such pest as fleas, mites, cockroaches. Pesticides may however be harmful to your health and the environment. According to United States environmental protection agency, toxicity of pesticides counts for the advocacy against their use.

Use of predators

Some people have employed the use of this mechanism. Its application is however limited. Home pets eg Cats have been used in this case. Cats helps in controlling rats, cockroaches and other pests.

Trimming of tree branches and overhanging branches

These acts as runways for pests. Some pests also use this as pathways into the house. Crawling insects may get to the house through these branches. If you trimmed the branches, that would save you from the trouble.

Do not leave food remains in the counter-tops and in the house

Some pest eg cockroaches thrive in moist and moist places. Food remains have proved to attract a large group of cockroaches, clearing of such remains would help in controlling them.

Proper house cleaning

You may need to clean your house properly to help control some pest. Some pest eg mites, fleas thrives in dusty conditions. Therefore, cleaning the house helps in controlling them by doing away with the dust.

Use of insect’s repellent and using of other protective

You can also use repellents in controlling some insect pest. Mosquito repellents, for example, have been used to control mosquitoes. In other cases, you may also use treated nets to control mosquitoes.

On finding any pest, it is just proper that you learn about the best. It is proper that you learn about the control methods for the pest. It is after this that the control method can be employed.


It is important to control best to save yourself the stress of having them within your house. The loss that comes with pest infestation is massive. Some of them have also been known to cause diseases.

However, before undertaking any control, it is important that you consider among others; that you choose a method that kills many, that you choose a method that use a concentrated formula, keep in mind the safety of the environment and that you choose a cost effective.